About White Salmon

The City of White Salmon overlooks the Columbia River Gorge with spectacular views of beautiful Mt. Hood and majestic Mt. Adams. Its incredible climate, often described as “The Land Where The Sun Meets The Rain”, owes to its location on the dry side of the Cascade Mountain range in a transition zone between the marine-influenced climate west of the Cascades and the dry continental climate of the inner-mountain region. Spectacular rivers and summer winds that funnel through the Gorge make this area a wind and water sport mecca, while the bountiful forests and orchards are the backbone of the industries that the area was founded upon.

The city takes its name from the adjacent White Salmon River, named by the Lewis and Clark Expedition when they observed the river teeming with salmon whose color had turned white after spawning, and the salmon and steelhead runs are an angler’s delight.

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