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City of White Salmon

The City of White Salmon is comfortably situated on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River at an elevation of 550 feet.Mt  Hood The city takes it name from the nearby White Salmon River, which was named by the Lewis and Clark Expedition when they observed the river teeming with salmon whose color had turned white after spawning.

The views from the White Salmon are quite spectacular. From the bluff looking south one can see the river, the city of Hood River and its valley as well as the truly majestic Mt. Hood. Looking towards the northeast one can catch a glimpse of Washington's Mt. Adams. The city also includes approximately 3/4 of a mile of Columbia River frontage, including access to the Hood River Bridge.

Columbia River GorgeThe phrase, "The Land Where The Sun Meets The Rain" is often used to describe the climate in and around White Salmon. The city is located on the dry side of the Cascade Mountain range in a transition zone between the marine-influenced climate west of the Cascades and the dry continental climate of the inner-mountain region. The Columbia River Gorge serves as a funneling conduit for the differing air pressures on either side of the Cascades, resulting in reliable westerly winds in summer. The broad expanse of the Columbia River Gorge and the reliable summer winds have led to development of the area as a premier windsurfing and kiteboarding mecca.  In winter the pressure patterns reverse, putting White Salmon at the top of the funnel where the bulk of the Cascade range typically inhibits the chilly easterlies that buffet Portland at the west end of the funnel.

SynclineThe area's relatively mild climate and location combine to offer visitors and residents a recreation paradise. Hiking, camping and biking opportunities are abundant throughout the Columbia River Gorge, Gifford Pinchot National Forest and Mt. Adams areas. Fishing is world class in the Columbia River and the abundant lakes and tributaries flowing off the High Cascades. Water enthusiasts can also sail, windsurf and kiteboard on the Columbia, or take a rafting or kayaking trip on either the White Salmon, Little White Salmon or Klickitat Rivers. In winter, downhill skiing is available at several resorts on nearby Mt. Hood and cross country trails are maintained throughout the Mt. Hood and Gifford Pinchot National Forests.

White Salmon RaftingBecause of its proximity to the Columbia River transportation corridor, White Salmon offers unique opportunities for progressive industrial development and has developed into an unmanned aeronautical nexus. White Salmon also has access to nearby barge, train, air transport and interstate highways - all leading to Pacific Rim ports and other major transportation arteries.

The City of White Salmon continues to invest in the retail-tourism sector. Art, restaurants, lodging, and recreational activities bolster the city's retail economy.

In general, the area's farms, orchards, gardens, cattle, llamas, logging mills, fishing and hunting provide a special and diverse way of life for local residents. If you decide to become a neighbor instead of a visitor you'll be in excellent company.

To find out more about White Salmon contact:
Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (541) 296-2266
Columbia Gorge Economic Development Association (888) 760-3936
Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce (509) 493-3630

Just the Facts

Population in July 2008: 2,411. Population change since 2000: +9.9%

  • Males: 1,162 (48.2%)
  • Females: 1,249 (51.8%)
  • 2000 Population - 2,193
  • Median resident age: 36.7 years
  • Washington median age: 35.3 years

Estimated median household income in 2008: $43,592 (it was $34,787 in 2000)

Mean prices in 2008

  • All housing units: $273,350
  • Detached houses: $303,826
  • Townhouses or other attached units: $317,720
  • Mobile homes: $57,219
  • Occupied boats, RVs, vans, etc.: $32,500

Estimated median house or condo value in 2008: $232,235 (it was $120,000 in 2000)

  • White Salmon: $232,235
  • Washington: $308,100
  • Median Home Value in 2004 - $252,800
  • Average Temperature - JANUARY- 33.0, JULY- 67.00
  • Annual Precipitation - 36.00"
  • Location - Sixty five miles east of Portland in Washington State along the bluff overlooking the Columbia River and Oregon State. 1 mile from State Hwy 14 - approximately 3 miles from Interstate 84.


Original text courtesy of Columbia Gorge Economic Development Association and statistics courtesy

(541) 296-2266
Patrick Munyan 07/21/2010
Leana Johnson 07/27/2010
White Salmon Comprehensive Plan Update - Public Hearing Oct. 24 10/24/2012 - 5:30pm 10/22/2012

All interested area residents are invited to attend a public hearing of White Salmon's Comprehensive Plan first update since it's adoption in 1991.  The hearing begins at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the White Salmon Fire Hall, 119 NE...

City Council 07/07/2010 - 6:00pm 06/10/2010

City Council meets at 6:00 pm every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at the City Council Chambers in the Fire Hall at 116 NE Church.

City Council 06/16/2010 - 6:00pm 06/10/2010

City Council meets at 6:00 pm every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at the City Council Chambers in the Fire Hall at 116 NE Church.

Safety Services 06/12/2010

White Salmon and Bingen share joint Police Services out of offices in White Salmon

White Salmon has a volunteer Fire Department

Skyline Hospital provides general Health Services from facilities between the two towns, including a...

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City of White Salmon White Salmon, WA 98672
Phone: 509-493-1133
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