logo[1]The Bingen-White Salmon Civil Service Commission was established pursuant to RCW Chapter 41.14 to oversee the process for filling Civil Service jobs with qualified personnel, and to establish a merit system of employment for police officers thereby raising the standards and efficiency of such offices and law enforcement in general.

The Civil Service Commission is responsible for administering the testing process for entry-level, lateral-level and promotional classified service positions within the Bingen-White Salmon Police Department. Further, the Commission’s duties include:

  • adoption of rules for regulation of classified service
  • appointment of a secretary/examiner
  • maintenance of Civil Service Commission minutes
  • preparation of candidate lists
  • hearing and determination of appeals
  • investigation and reporting of matters relating to enforcement of Civil Service matters


The Civil Service commissioners are appointed by the White Salmon Mayor, pursuant to RCW 41.14.030, and have a term of office of six years. The Commission meets monthly, unless otherwise noted, on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at City Hall, 100 N. Main, White Salmon, Washington. The Commission may meet more frequently, as deemed necessary by the Commission.


  • Chairman/Commissioner Suzie Willey
  • Commissioner Jane Poucher
  • Commissioner Vacant
  • Secretary-Examiner Darla Clifton


Public Safety Training conducts our written and physical agility tests. Once applicants pass both phases of the test, their scores are sent to our agency and our Civil Service Commission will then further process those applicants.