The City of White Salmon operates a water and wastewater system inside and outside City Limits.  The current rates and charges can be found here.  The city bills the base fees monthly and water usage is billed every-other month.

If you have recently purchased a home or signed a new lease/rental agreement and are responsible for the utility bills, you will need to complete a Utility Application to switch the service over to your name.  We will also need two forms of identification and a copy of the statutory warranty deed (if purchasing) or a copy of your lease/rental agreement.  These documents help to prevent identity theft as utility bills are frequently used to obtain drivers licenses or other forms of ID.  The application needs to be notarized, which can be done at City Hall for free.

Information regarding new connections for service can be found on the Planning/Building/Permitting page.  An application for new service will need to be completed and can be found on that page as well. 

Every year the city completes the annual Consumer Confidence Report which provides information on the health of the water system, compliance with water regulations and describes projects that have occurred on the system.  The link to prior years reports are below: