CoWS-LogoThe City of White Salmon is organized administratively into a number of departments, with offices and functions housed at locations near city center

City Hall
Mayor (Exp 12/19) David Poucher
City Administrator / Public Works Director Patrick Munyan
City Clerk Treasurer Jan Brending
Associate Planner / Public Works Assistant Dixie Walker
Associated Planner / Pubic Works Assistant Erika Castro-Guzman
Building-Code Enforcement Officer / Fire Chief Bill Hunsaker
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer/Utility Clerk Darla Clifton
Computer Consultant
Ryan Kreps
City Council
City Councilor-Position #4 (Exp 12/17) Kimberly Hoppus
City Councilor-Position #5 (Exp 12/17) Allan Wolf
City Councilor-Position #2 (Exp 12/19) Donna Heimke
City Councilor-Position #3 (Exp 12/17) Jason Sabourin
City Councilor-Appointed-Position #1 (Exp 12/19) Ashley Post
Public Works Department
Public Works Operations Manager Kevin English
Public Works Maintenance Worker 3 Ross Lambert 
Public Works Maintenance Worker 2 Troy Rosenburg
Public Works Maintenance Worker 2 Jeff Cooper
Public Works Maintenance Worker 1 Jason Kinley
Public Works Maintenance  Worker 1 Andrew Dirks
Bingen-White Salmon Police Department
Chief of Police Michael Hepner
Police Officer Tony Warren
Police Officer Ashley Hackett
Police Officer Pedro Virgen
Police Clerk Lisa George
White Salmon Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief Bill Hunsaker
Assistant Chief Jay Holtmann
Rescue Captain Jess Wardwell
Lieutenant Susie Willey